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The Oblivion Gates~Comic Announcement
January 4th, 2011, 4:42 pm

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August 20th, 2019, 12:12 pm

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Reader's Comments:

Posted by Kenny27
January 4th, 2011, 4:57 pm

Name:Kenny Alex Katsu
Elements and can learn anything and also can go to deko form

I think u can find the Sprites shouldn't be that hard
The designs wouldn't be a problem.
And of course i am experienced

Posted by mariosonicmegaman
January 4th, 2011, 5:18 pm

im not as experienced as you but i might be sorta good and maybe people think im a troll so i dunno >_<

zero kio troy
age is unknown
he can grow tails and fly away :3
and at times can control thunder fire and the dead

Posted by ChaosTH
January 4th, 2011, 5:29 pm

Name: Bolt the Wisp
Age: 14
Can turn into a laser, and can turn into a berserker(W.I.P.)
Quirky and a little impatient, and harsh at times.
sprites will be finished when people vote.
And Im experienced.

Posted by kwane
January 5th, 2011, 3:01 am

jason makuto
he's a demon with the body of a hedgie

Posted by Velocity1600
January 5th, 2011, 3:28 pm

Name: Daniel Foster
Age: 15
Powers: Chaos control, Chaos blast, Chaos Beam (A medium sized beam that takes alot of energy), and Chaos Flare (A large blast that is good for one use. More than one (at one given time) would kill him).
Personality: A bit on the insane side, very talkative once he gets to know you, and a bit of a wise-guy.

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